Washing and Care

How to wash your knitwear

You’ll be pleased to know all Scoop Studio jumpers are machine washable at 30 degrees - so no trips to the dry cleaners will be necessary. We recommend a wool/handwash cycle on your machine and ideally, using a net washing bag for delicates.

Simply turn your knitwear inside out, place it in the washing bag and use a wool detergent to make sure your garments stay luxuriously soft.

Lay your pieces flat and allow them to air dry for best results.

Caring for your cashmere blend

When cared for properly, cashmere and Merino wool blend pieces can last a lifetime.

If you want to treasure your knitwear for years to come, always fold your jumpers and keep them in a drawer. Do this rather than hanging them, as that can cause the fibres to stretch.

High quality cashmere blends should not pill, but if you do happen to spot any unsightly little balls of wool, simply use a lint roller to remove them.